Sunday, April 08, 2007

Frank, you're lawyered

There is much waiting to be said: Ferrero on history and the art of statesmanship; why David West's blowhard translation of the "Aeneid" is no match for W. F. Jackson Knight-- and, most of all----------; but that will be seen shortly.

But for now, hats off to "The Apprentice:LA"s Frank.

Donald Trump told him he may not have the polish, but by the time he was through with Heidi, he and "Don Jr." (as if we care about him!) had to concur: he's a fighter.
But Frank showed more than his old fighting spirit. He offered Heidi a cross-examination, and his insistent, levelheaded forcefulness in honing in on the essential points in order to save his skin and compel Heidi to impale herself upon the stake of her own responsibilities was positively dazzling. The Trumps may think he's the boy for the construction sight, but if he's not the apprentice, a law degree may not be far behind.
The man has polish. Frank, I'm rootin' for you . . . .

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